Credit Reports

With the advent of the current housing mortgage mess, more and more people are looking to rent, some because they have lost their homes and some because they are afraid to invest in a home at this time.  Having a renter that will not only pay their rent on time but will also take care of your property which they are renting is vitally important.

Today, with all the privacy laws, calling previous landlords is not near as effective because people are afraid to say anything negative for fear of violating the privacy act.  Landlords have found that if people are good stewards of their credit history and free of any criminal activity then they are the type people who will be good tenants.

Credit Check $14.95  per applicant
To order credit check:

1. Download Tenant Application form below. To protect yourself always have the signature of the applicant on the form giving you permission to check their credit.

2. Have prospective tenant fill out and sign form. [Tenant Application]

3. Fax Application to (888) 215-5382

4. You will receive your credit report within 24 hours (except weekends).

FAX NUMBER (888) 215-5382 You must fax the application to this number.