Getting Started

Landlords Online was created to help you our fellow landlord. We are here to offer a variety of services to help your business grow and make life easier on you.

Criminal Background Checks

We do what no other site does, we personally hand check every background check we do. Most sites will have some completely automated data mill background check that is hard to read and is not check for accuracy. Our researchers make sure that the applicant you send is, the person we are reporting on and not someone else. Can you say that about any other service we think not.

Credit Checks

Most places these days require that you jump through hoops and sell your first born child to get a credit check on your applicant. We have done all the hard work for you so you dont have too. We offer both Experian Credit Checks and Tri-score credits checks from the Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

National Background + Single Bureau Report
$39.95 Per Applicant    New Price!
National Background Check – Criminal/Civil Nation-wide + Local Search
$34.95 per applicant
State-wide Background Check – Criminal/Civil State-wide + Local Search
$27.95 per applicant
Credit Check
$14.95  per applicant
Expedite Orders (on holidays and after hours)
941-313-9406 $20.00 per applicant
Easy, fast quality results. Order today and receive results tomorrow! ( except weekends ).

Getting Started could not be easier.

1. Simply fill out this fax form“ this Fax Cover Sheet  and Tenant Application“

2. Fax the Cover Sheet and a singed Tenant’s Application to 1.888.215.5382

3. You’re All Set!